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What are the benefits of pha?

PHA is quickly becoming the most innovative alternative to petroleum-based plastics on the market today. No more greenwashed products imported from overseas. Every piece of the supply chain starts and ends in North America.

Science utilizes natural bio-processes to convert natural oils into functional, bio-based resin. The polymers derived from this process are used to create a number of compostable and biodegradable materials.

See below examples of how PHA is changing the game of biopolymers:

● Disintegrates in a landfill, quickly turning back into carbon and biomass
● If by accident it ends up in the ocean or river or any waterway, it will biodegrade
● No special recycling plant is necessary
● Made with assortment of cheap, available natural feedstocks
● 100% Compostable, no microplastics
● PHA can break down in a simple home composting pile