As an experienced team in the packaging and supply-chain industries, we understand that great distribution-partner relationships start and end with a few crucial factors:


We equip our distribution partners with the tools they need to succeed with our products, both logistically and financially. Our wholesale pricing is structured to support a triple-win scenario. A win for the end-user with affordable pricing, a win for the distributor with healthy margins, and a win for the environment by eliminating unnecessary single-use plastic from our daily lives.

Here are a few things that City Straws provides:

– Low minimum orders (minimums starting at 30 cases assorted)
– Timely deliveries (avg lead times 3-4 days)
– Healthy margins (strategic pricing for optimum growth and profitability)
– Easy online ordering portal (save time by eliminating pesky manual tasks)

– 24/6 Account Support (Mon – Sat)

By reinvesting back into product, marketing, and community, City Straws promises to support every single one of our stakeholders. We truly believe that simple changes can lead to massive benefits for all. Make the simple switch to City Straws today!