Master Combo Pack - 7.75" Wrapped "NYC Print" + 5.75" Cocktail


– 7.75″ White Drinking Straw, Wrapped “NYC Print”
– 5.75″ White Cocktail Straw, Unwrapped
– 1 master case of 7.75″ Wrapped “NYC Print” (2800/case)
– 1 master case of 5.75″ Cocktail (16000/case)
– 575WH-UN

Product Details

Product: 7.75″ White Drinking Straw, Wrapped “NYC Print” + 5.75″ White Cocktail Straw, Unwrapped
Combo: 1 master case of 7.75″ Wrapped (2800/case) + 1 master case of 5.75″ (16000/case)
SKUs: 775WH-WRNYC + 575WH-UN


Our combo packs offer you instant savings, just by combining your order into one easy shipment. Not only will you save some money per straw, but you’ll save time by only having to receive one delivery. And you’ll always get the City Straw – NEVER SOGGY PROMISE. Simply put, there is no other product on the market that can spark a conversation the way City Straws do. And once you’re done using it, this straw will wither away into carbon dioxide and water. It’s as easy as that.

Key Features:

– Everything you need for beverage service, day and night.
– Combo packs offer savings and additional convenience with just one shipment.
– 100% Certified Compostable
– Made in the USA

Customer Questions and Answers:

Will PHA drinking straws get soggy?

No. City Straws are backed by our NEVER SOGGY PROMISE. Our straws are made with PHA biopolymer, a marine-degradable resin made from canola oil. What you get is a material that looks and feels like a plastic straw, but will break down into CO2 and biomass within 90 days.

Are your PHA drinking straws certified compostable?

Yes. All City Straws PHA products are certified compostable. We have the highest compostability certifications including: TUV Home, TUV Soil, TUV Industrial, BPI Industrial, and CMA.

If the PHA drinking straws are marine-degradable, can I just toss them in the water?

No. Although the material is marine-degradable, we do not want to put the straws in the water. We want to dispose of them properly in the compost bin first, or your regular trash bin if compost is unavailable. Marine-degradable certifications are reserved for products that are supposed to be used in a marine environment. In this case, drinking straws obviously do not meet that requirement.

What sizes are available?

For City Straws PHA drinking straws, we have a variety of sizes available. Length and width dimensions can be found on each individual product page. From smoothie straws, to cocktail stirrers, we have the right tool for the job. When making your purchase, make sure you double-check the width before submitting your order. Here is a good rule of thumb: Stirrers/Cocktail - 3.5mm | Standard - 5.5mm | Giant 7mm

How many drinking straws come in a case?

Our case packs are listed on each individual product page. You can find case pack info to the right of the product image, and also in the Product Description. City Straws also has smaller, inner packs available for purchase.

How long will it take to get my order?

City Straws are in several of fulfillment centers around the country. Typically, once an order is placed it will ship out next business day for a 1-2 day delivery time. Events like severe weather and health & safety protocols may impact these times. If so, we'll communicate updates as needed.

How can I get custom printed drinking straws?

We can absolutely print on the wrapper of your chosen City Straw product. We can print up to 2 colors on the wrapper, and minimum orders start at 100 cases. Contact us at for more information.