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100% Backyard compostable drinking straws, made from marine-degradable materials.

Why City Straws?

Our straws are designed to last in your drink, but not in nature. We know foodservice operators are serious about their business, especially when it comes to their customer’s experience. So gone are the days of soggy, overpriced paper straws, and greenwashed import products. Now, you have a product that is more environmentally friendly, and will actually work the way you need it to.
Made right here in the USA.

Never Soggy Promise

City Straws will never get soggy in your drink, we guarantee it. Our materials come from nature, so you know they’re strong. By harvesting the highly oleic oil from the canola seed, the subsequent resin is born, and extruded into a perfectly functional drinking straw.

Made in the usa

Our entire supply chain is proudly fostered in the United States. From resin to finished product, we’re not only supporting USA jobs, but creating them too.

Highest Compostability Certifications

What’s so unique about City Straws? Due to they’re innovative molecular make-up, they’re compostable almost anywhere. We call it “ambient compostability”. Our products are certified to break-down in: COMPOST, HOME, and SOIL. We are leading the way in compostable certifications.

compostable drinking straw
compostable drinking straw
smoothie with compostable straw

The Science

What makes City Straws so special? It’s what they’re made of. Utilizing oil from the canola seed, scientists are able to create a material called PHA, a marine-degradable material.

This material is unique in that it doesn’t need oxygen to break down. The other guys (all the other bio-plastics on the market) need high temperatures, pumped oxygen, and a commercial composting facility to just start their biodegradation. That’s why City Straws are so innovative. We’ve taken the guess work out of end-of-life disposal. Our straws are so compostable, they’ll breakdown in the soil in your backyard. How cool is that?

And, by purchasing from City Straws, you’re joining the movement against harmful petroleum-based plastic. Every case you purchase is 12 lbs of petroleum-based plastic eliminated from the waste stream!


Average # of days to breakdown.

0 lbs

Average amount of petroleum-based plastic eliminated from waste-stream (per case).

0 %

Average savings on waste management costs (per year).

Leading the PACK in Compostability certifications

what is PHA?

In short, PHA is the most innovative alternative to petroleum-based plastics on the market today. The planet needed a biodegradable, sustainable, and compostable product, without increasing the carbon footprint in the process. Alternatives came and went with little fanfare. They were unsustainable, hard to recycle, soggy alternatives, or greenwashed attempts to get in the game.

Is there no alternative anywhere that can be the solution we all need?

There is now.

Science went back to nature and found the original natural plastic makers and put them to work producing a class of bio-derived polymers that are bio-degradable in both soil and in water.

Say hello to Polyhydroxyalkanoates, or PHA for short.

How is PHA made?

It’s hard to believe that polyester is natural, but Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) are natural polyesters found in nature, and through biosynthesis, microbes and bacteria can create PHA.

The process of producing or synthesizing PHA begins with micro-organisms and bacteria being given a feedstock, and in the case of City Straw products, canola oil is used to get the desired outcome.

This mixture of microbe and feedstock begins to ferment, and the microbial bacteria with their insatiable appetites fatten themselves up during this process and continue to multiply.

At just the right time in the process, the nutrients are changed forcing the micro-organism to produce PHA.

The fat stores are what become the bioplastic resin, which becomes the building blocks, or in this case the building pellets for the production of PHA products, like the ones you find here at City Straws.

How Does pha stack up against the others?


Let’s compare two types of bioplastics on the market that are considered compostable and bio-degradable. There are more, but these two are the leading examples:

PHA – Polyhydroxyalkanoate

✅ Disintegrates in a landfill, quickly turning back into carbon and biomass.

✅ If by accident it ends up in the ocean or river or any waterway, it will biodegrade.

✅ No special recycling plant is necessary.

✅ Made with assortment of cheap, available natural feedstocks.

✅ 100% Compostable, no microplastics.

✅ PHA can break down in a simple home composting pile.

PLA – Polylactic Acid

❌ Doesn’t break down in a landfill.

❌ PLA degrades in water at the same rate as PETE plastic, hundreds of years.

❌ A special facility is needed to recycle or compost PLA products.

❌ Made with corn starch or sugarcane, taking food away from humans.

❌ Chemically biodegradable.

❌ PLA is not home compostable.


Why PHA Biopolymer Wins

PHA stands out as the leading bioplastic alternative to single-use plastic for several reasons.

  • High biodegradability and compostability
  • Created from a sustainable and renewable source
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Home compostable
  • Marine-degradable

All across the country, plastic bans have been instituted, and PHA products can be your answer to them. Show the world that your company or venue is part of the solution.

PHA will help you.

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